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Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Megan - these are so quick and easy, you should totally make some! It might be fun to surprise your mom and grandma, too. ;) Thanks for visiting my blog!


My Italian grandmother made pizelles every year too! oh the memories :) We still make galettes (I have the recipe on my blog, if you have a galette iron!). And strangely enough, my mom and my grandma make spiced nuts every year. I look forward to getting some when I go home. maybe one of these times I should make my own? :)

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Cate - spiced nuts are the best, arent they? I will check out the B.C. version, thanks for the tip!I like your blog - those espresso cookies look so tempting, I might just have to break my self-imposed no cookies rule. ;)

Cate O'Malley

Love spiced nuts! The Barefoot Contessa has a version that I make every year. Looks like I have another recipe to try out - thanks!

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