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lara dunston

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Veggie Belly

such a beautiful color to your cobbler. love it!

Ann DiGioia

I am one of those cousins mentioned and, yes, there are many fond memories! Catching the fireflies is one for sure, but you don't mention Ward letting them out of the jar and the screaming that ensued! And fishing in the stocked pond and then our grandfather's wife, Claranelle, making the most amazing fish and hushpuppies! I am sad that my girls don't have nearly as many cousins as I did - it is special to grow up with so many and sure wish we were all closer (in location - we are all close in our hearts :) Ann

Kim at Rustic Garden Bistro

Dawn, this looks amazing! So sorry to hear about all the turmoil, but I'll bet these cobblers perked everyone right up. My grandparents live clear across the world, and I've never met them. :(

And what fun - I'm sure memories of that day in the berry patch will stay with your family forever.

Cheers to the rest of summer!


Helen DiPasquale

Dawn, your photos, story and all the great memories of that day picking berries with my precious grandchildren and sharing the cobbler with your family will remain with me forever!!!!! I love you, Mom


Well enjoy her stay (and the cobbler and the berry picking) It all looks great. GREG


Dawn, this brings back to many fond memories of my life in the south. I do not miss the Alabama heat but I sure do miss cobbler, peaches and iced tea :) Im sorry to hear life is stressful but I pray that in these warm summer days you will find joy and peace and LOTS of warm cobbler!


Wow, great job here. Awesome picture too! You should really consider submitting this to Recipe4Living's Fall Cobbler Recipe Contest! It looks delicious!


Wow! looks fresh and inviting...

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Hi Dawnya - thanks! This was my first cobber ever, so I dont know how it would turn out in a dutch oven, but I imagine that would work. If you try it, let us know how it turns out. Have a great holiday!


Your Cobbler looks AMAZING, I decided to make one for the 4th after looking at your post. Have you ever made one in a dutch oven? I will post it on my blog with our BBQ.
Thanks for accepting my invite on TK, Fun to get new recipe's.
;) Dawnya

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Hey Sis! I wish you could have been here, too. Looking back on those times, I realize how lucky we were to have such a large extended family, with all our cousins around the same ages. Remember catching fireflies? Too much fun! Miss you. xo, Dawn


Great post Sis! I really miss those times spent with all the cousins - brings back great memories! Wish I could have been there for Mom's visit too and tasted this yummy cobbler... next time! Love to everybody! xoxo


Well, in a way, maybe its an opportune time, in that she can take care of the kids and thus help you?
And that cobbler looks gorgeous! So perfect for summer.

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Alanna - thanks so much for your sweet comment. :)

Dawn - Don't all my posts make you cry? ;) xo

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Hi Rina! Great to hear from you, thanks for visiting my blog. :) I hope you make this for your niece! It would be great with cherries, I think. Let me know how it turns out! xo

Rina Weisman

awww...really enjoyed that story, the more so because MY mom had a dynamite cherry cobbler she used to make, and I've never been able to find the recipe among her cookbooks or recipe cards. I might have to co-opt this one and tell my niece it's Grandma's!!

Dawn (Dawn's sister inlaw)

Geesh Dawn...make me cry why don't you! Very sweet...the story and I am sure the cobbler.


Lucky Mom, too, to visit when her presence is so extra appreciated ... the cobbler looks gorgeous, Dawn.

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