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Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Hi Juanita - Im so glad you and your son like the granola bars! My kids love them, too. :) Thanks for stopping by KitchenTravels. xo - Dawn


Just made it! I've been making granola bars and my 5year old boy did not like any of them! I found this one and he asks for more!! This is awesome! Ty for sharing!!

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Hi Faye - I'm sorry I didn't respond to your questions sooner. Somehow I missed your comment! I don't toast the oats beforehand, although you certainly could. Final product tastes fine without the added step, and I like to keep things simple. ;) So far, everyone loves them as is!

As for honey vs. brown rice... I've used each in different batches, and also a combination of the two. They both seem to work equally well, so it comes down to flavor preference. One of the great things about this recipe is that it is so adaptable. I hope you like them! xo, Dawn


This looks great!

A few questions: would you recommend toasting the oats slightly before mixing them in? I just fear the final product would taste too much like raw oatmeal. Also, in regards to the honey/brown rice syrup, do you have a preference as for which to use?

Thanks! Can't wait to give this a try!

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Hi Waheda - This recipe is not really meant to be baked. I think that would only make the bars hard, and not in a good way. :) If you want to store them for a longer period of time, you might try flash freezing them, pre-cut, for about an hour on a baking sheet. Once they are frozen, transfer them to a tupperware or plastic zip bag and then take them out as needed. Good luck! Thanks for stopping by my blog. xo


Can these be baked to store for longer.


That's what these granola bars are missing... Blue Frosting! GREG

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