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Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Hi SaraBell - we ran out of the one I used for this recipe, and I dont recall the brand. Sorry! Im sure the one you have will be fine. :) xo


Thank you, good to know! I just bought the kind my natural grocery store had in their bulk food bin and I'm hoping it's good... but in case it isn't, do you have a brand you recommend for the future?

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Hi Sarabell - great! I hope you like them as much as we did. Since writing this post, I've noticed different brands of buckwheat flour vary in taste... some are more bitter than others. So try a couple and find the one you like best. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy! xo


I bookmarked your post and picked up buckwheat flour so I can make these this week! We are gluten free and I am mostly grain-free so buckwheat is a great flour for us that I've somehow never tried before! I can't wait to taste these for myself!

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Aww... thanks, Ashlee. With your creativity and drive, I imagine youll find a way to that life sooner than you think. xo


I find myself yearning for a simpler life at the end of every year. I keep thinking it won't happen until retirement, but maybe I'll figure out a way to accomplish it sooner than that. These pictures are stunning, and I'm bookmarking this recipe for the next time I'm in the mood for a fancy breakfast! Wishing you and your family all the best in 2013.


You have agreat attitude and I believe you will prevail whatever hardship comes your way. GREG

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Hi Jen - which diet plan are you going to follow? Hope it goes well. Give those beautiful boys of yours a hug. xo


Hi Dawn! Oh the joys of allergies. Both mine are allergic to nuts, soy, milk etc. goes on. So I am always looking for ways to make new things. I am also going to put them on a clean diet in May when back from states to get rid of his eczema....Hope you are well!!!


Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Alana - thank you so much. :) xo

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Hey -db!- Thanks, sweetie. Well make it through. :) xo

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Paige - you are always so thoughtful! Thank you for your kind words. xo


What a beautiful post - hoping everything turns out for the very best for you and your family.


You make brown pancakes look and sound yum-a-yummy!

Love your way Sweets...you are all always in my thoughts and prayers!

paige :: approaching joy

Your pictures are beautiful as always but it was your honesty that brought tears to my eyes. I will send positive thoughts to both you and your family. Thank yoiu for sharing.

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