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Dawn (KitchenTravels)

@LAS - so glad you enjoyed the post! The Jordan Winery estate is a stunning property. And everyone there is so nice!

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

@Michelle - awww, thanks! It's hard to believe almost 30 years has passed since we were in high school. Crazy! But I still remember my trip to France like it was last week. Would love to go back one day.

Michelle West

I loved reading about your memories of France and, of course, the food. You're inspiring me to lean into vegan/vegetarian meals.


How I enjoyed this post. Many years ago and I mean many, perhaps around forty or so, I read an article about the Jordan's and the winery which included recipes. I think it may have been House Beautiful. There were photographs of the been being prepared and various others. I was intrigued by one reader who wrote that cantelope should never be served with wine, which was part of the appetizers or the first course. I later learned that the Jordans had divorced, but you made me remember something which I loved reading about those many years in south Texas.

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